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Longarm Quilting Services
Offering Edge to Edge and Custom Quilting
I have been quilting on and off since the late 90's, taking time out to spend time with my kids and be active in their interest.  Now they are grown and I have time on my hands and did I mention, love to buy fabric!  I have a good eye for color and design.  I survived being a teacher, now I am doing what I LOVE to do.......QUILT! My husband bought me a longarm quilting machine and now I am longarm quilting using my Gammill Vision 2.0 quilting machine. 
When I am not quilting I enjoy our small hobby farm, my 4 dachshunds and being with my hubby of 29 years. We have two wonderful kids and one wonderful son-in-law and a new grandbaby due the end of September, 2016.

I believe that whether you are just starting out or have been quilting for years you can always find and learn new things.  Quilting is an artistic expression - lots of emotion goes into the making of a quilt.  Which is why I believe in quality. Quality of products in all quilts whether my own or for a customer.
I love to see all of my customers quilts from beginners to the experienced, The best part of quilting, as a career, is meeting new wonderful people; which I call my quilting friends. We learn together and share our different taste in quilts.  Many of my customers are beginner quilters and I just love to watch the skills blossom.  Since I used to be a teacher, I love teaching new quilters’ new skills and answering their questions.  However, I LOVE learning from my customers too! It’s always a treat to see new ideas; giving me new inspiration as a quilter and longarmer.
Make sure you check out my gallery for quilt photos under the QUILTS tab.  I strive to keep this current with new quilts I’ve done.  For more pictures of quilts and other information I’ve done check out my Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon. I am also on Etsy and eBay, if you wish to check out my shops.
My promise to you is to handle your quilt with great care, as if it were my own.  I offer quilting services in all 50 states. 
Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to contact me for your quilting needs or questions you may have!
Happy Quiltin’